Optitec Pty Ltd is an Australian, family-owned company delivering products and solutions to make camping and outdoor recreation fun, easy and hassle free.

Optitec is most famous for the design, manufacture and distribution of the Optitec V3 Remote Control Jockey Wheel; a light, powerful and reliable device that moves caravans, boats, horse floats and commercial trailers up to 3500kg in confined spaces where towing is not feasible.  

The first Optitec Jockey Wheel prototype was designed in 2008 and then introduced to the Australian market in 2011 following rigorous testing and adherence to the highest manufacturing standards.  The combination of its powerful drive motor, compact design and operation via wireless remote make it a standout product in its field.  It’s now owned by over 5,000 Australians and growing every day.

At Optitec we are committed to both excellence in product quality and excellence in customer service.  We encourage our customers – new and old – to contact us for support in using and maintaining your Optitec products.   We also invite you to stay connected to us through our newsletter or facebook page.

We love seeing our customers benefit from their Optitec products and we’re thrilled to contribute a small part to your camping and outdoor adventures.