Optitec V3


The easiest way to shift your caravan, boat trailer or any other type of trailer is with the Optitec V3 Remote Control Jockey Wheel. Simply attach it to the drawbar clamp, plug in the 12-volt power and just press the wireless remote control buttons.

Wireless Remote Unit

With the ability to accurately manoeuvre and turn some of the largest tandem axle vans in their own length, there’s so much that this powerful machine can do for you. The Optitec V3 is completely portable weighing only 22 kilograms and it can support a tow ball weight of 350 kilograms.


Jayco Silverline with Optitec

Australian owned and designed for our big Australian off-road caravans, it has full overload and over-temperature protection for your peace of mind. With all steel gears, built-in dynamic braking and a specially designed solid rubber tyre on an alloy wheel, this versatile machine is simple to operate with complete safety. The new Optitec V3 model can easily move vans and boat trailers of 3500 kilogram.



Optitec in Design


Machine Development: The original version model was available through 2014, so we decided to update it to cater for a wider demand. The Optitec V2+ mover incorporated many significant changes to make it a really great machine with around 30% More Power, Heavy Duty support pole, Easy to fit and adjust “keying” system, Updated Radio Control Remote, improved Power Protection System. The new Optitec V3 looks  almost identical to our original machine and to the V2 on the outside, but has many innovative enhancements on the inside.


Jump Starter Pack

Power Supply: During  design and development we decided against installing a built-in battery because research indicated that they are more trouble than they’re worth  finding them discharged right when you need them most, adding extra weight, and just another item to be maintained and replaced when they fail. Almost every caravan and even camper trailers have batteries these days, so we designed the Optitec machines to be powered from the van’s onboard battery supply and in the case of boat trailers, from the boat’s battery. It can also be powered from other 12V battery power or Jump-Starter packs if you wish.


All Age Groups: It was important to design the Wheel to be used by people of all ages as it’s well known that there are many older people interested in caravanning, just as there are many younger people using heavy trailers and boats. Because it is very compact and only weighs 22kgs, the Optitec Wheel can be carried and installed by almost anyone. It’s so easy to pack – easily fits in the boot of the car, the caravan boot or toolbox.



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