Optitec Clamp Brackets

Optitec Pty Ltd manufactures the V3 Remote Control Jockey Wheel and we also manufacture after market U-bolt-on Jockey Wheel Clamps to suit all different configurations of trailer drawbar.

OW-6 Heavy Duty Double Clamp Bracket 

This clamp fits a chassis up to 150mm x 150mm and is commonly used unit for a 50mm x 150mm (or 2” x 6” imperial) boat trailer chassis.

OW-7 Heavy Duty Double Clamp Bracket

This clamp fits a chassis of up to 100mm x 100mm and is commonly used for the 50mm x 100mm (or 2” x 4” imperial) boat trailer chassis. 

OW-8 Heavy Duty Double Clamp Bracket

This clamp fits a chassis drawbar up to 130mm x 130 mm and suits chassis’ that have the 50mm x 125mm (or 2” x 5” imperial) drawbar.

OW-14 Compact Double Clamp Bracket

This Clamp is designed for chassis of from 100mm up to 130mm and suits all Caravans with a chassis drawbar of 50mm x 100mm up to chassis with 50mm x 130mm (such as Jayco vans).

OW-15 Compact Double Clamp Bracket

This Clamp bracket is designed for the 150mm chassis. The Compact Double Clamps are designed to bolt onto the chassis of caravans and can accommodate weight distribution bars without interference.

OW-18 Heavy Duty Clamp Bracket

This bracket is a specially designed Compact Double Clamp for Alko Chassis and is supplied with three high tensile bolts, washers and nyloc nuts for secure mounting to the drawbar.

1. Fit each of the two Clamps to the Plate using the 4 Bolts, 4 Flat washers, 4 Spring washers making sure both clamps have the jockey wheel tightening “handle” facing the same way (so that they both “open” in the same direction) – it doesn’t matter if they both open to the front or to the back.

2. Place the two U Bolts over the Chassis Rails on your van in the spot where you wish to mount the Double Bracket.

3. Place the Double Bracket Plate over the 2 U Bolts.

4. Place a Flat Washer over each of the 4 U Bolts followed by a Spring Washer and then attach a Hex Nut to each of these 4 U Bolts

5. Tighten the Nuts using a spanner (19mm)

6. The U Bolt threaded section may need to be cut off because they are a ‘universal’ size to allow fitting to all sizes of trailer chassis.

Optitec Compact Double Clamp Bracket Assembly

This Video shows the simple assembly of the OW-14 and OW-15 Compact Double Clamp Brackets.

You will only need an 18mm Ring/Open end Spanner

Optitec Compact Double Clamp Bracket Installation

The Optitec Compact Double Clamp Brackets are designed to fit in the tightest spaces on caravan drawbars.

These Compact Clamps are only 140mm wide so they can be mounted anywhere on the chassis and are perfect for Caravans using the Weight Distribution Bars.

The OW-14 fits a chassis drawbar of between 50mm x 10mm up to 50mm x 140mm so this is ideal for all Jayco Caravans.

The OW-15 fits a chassis drawbar of 50mm x 150mm so it’s ideal for the biggest caravans

Optitec Euroclamp (OW-18) - ALKO Chassis Clamp to suit all European caravans.

The Optitec Euroclamp has been designed to fit under the tow hitch on the ALKO drawbar and only takes a few minutes to install. New hi-tensile bolts are included in the kit and nothing else is required so that the Optitec V3 can be attached whenever you need it in only one minute and you’re ready to go.

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jockey wheel motorised mover
Development of the Optitec V3 Wireless Remote Control Jockey Wheel

This video shows some of our testing during development of the new Optitec V3 Wireless Remote Control Jockey Wheel systems. A new programmable radio Receiver/Controller, Security Padlocking lug, very heavy duty Support pole, two power supply Cables, high torque Motor designed specifically for the Optitec machine, transmission with all machined steel gears.