The Optitec plan was to design and manufacture a device that could be used by anyone, would be versatile and transferable from one trailer type to another in the simplest possible way and would be easily affordable.

Several versions of the Optitec Wheel were tested with all types of tyre compound, several motor capacities, gearbox sizes and wheel constructions. It was tested with different types of trailer, varying loads and many different surfaces.

The Optitec Wireless Remote Control Wheel prototype testing was exhaustive and the results were all carefully considered to arrive at the most suitable design for every day most common use.

Here we have many Videos of actual operation in all sorts of different situations.

caravan parking aid
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Have you ever reversed into a dark Garage or Shed?

After getting in and out of the vehicle to check where you are going many times you can see how simple it will be with the Optitec V3

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Optitec parking Crusader Excalibur with very Tight Clearances...
Optitec moves big Newlands Caravan on all surfaces..
Optitec moves Bertram Boat - Heavy weight turn on narrow roadway....
Optitec moves Supreme Getaway Off-Road van on Incline
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Optitec moves Off-road caravan down and back up steep slope…. moss, silt and sand – not recommended for the inexperienced operator !!!

We’ve been moving all types of trailer & caravans for quite a while so there’s not much we haven’t done with the Optitec movers, however we advise caution on potentially difficult moves. Don’t assume you can move your van or trailer on this sort of driveway!

Optitec moves Crusader in very tight backyard....

Optitec pulls Supreme Off-road Caravan on Grass in backyard…. Every grass and surface is different, but the Optitec operated well with this van in this big backyard.

Optitec moving Caravan on Very Soft, Wet Ground  …worked well with some small sheets of plywood. There are many techniques for moving in difficult situations. X-trax, heavy duty rubber mats.

Optitec moves Sunland Patriot at Jugiong NSW....
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Optitec 'U' Turn Tandem Axle Caravan on the Spot...

The Optitec V3 Remote Control Jockey Wheel is the most powerful, portable caravan and trailer mover available. With its heavy duty solid rubber tyre on the alloy wheel, it can easily turn and manoeuvre the biggest Tandem Axle caravans that we produce in Australia.

Optitec moves a Bar Crusher in very Narrow Driveway

This is the Optitec pushing a Bar Crusher of just under 2 tonne up a sloping driveway on Brick Paving. There is only a clearance of about 50mm each side, but with the Remote Control, the Optitec mover has no problem moving up that driveway under the carport and turning to the left to place it perfectly in the garage.

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This is a situation where it’s impossible to manoeuvre the boat with a vehicle. There is no room to drive into the back lane with the boat trailer connected to the car.

The Optitec can easily turn the tandem axle trailer and move the boat out into the lane ready to hook up to the vehicle.

Optitec pulls 3500kg Off-Road Roadstar

Here we are at Supreme Caravans in Craigieburn.

This shows the Optitec machine moving a Supreme Executive in an area around other caravans. It shows how easy it is to move a big caravan in any direction you choose.

Optitec Mover manoeuvres JB Scorpion in tight backyard positioning.

Optitec moves caravan on Brick Paving and Gravel

One of our customers moves his Jayco Expanda Outback into a tight spot with the Optitec machine. Tandem Axles are no problem.


The videos of the Optitec products were taken during actual operation on the machine in each situation. Every caravan and trailer is different and Every surface or incline is different so never assume that any of these is ‘typical’.

Some of the features and colours in the photos and graphics on our website and in our brochures may vary to those of the Optitec products. We are very happy to assist you to ensure complete satisfaction for your particular application.