Why our equipment is so good

We carry out comprehensive testing on all our Optitec products


The Optitec V3 is designed to manoeuvre the biggest Australian caravans and boat trailers. After analysing all other products on the market, there was nothing that we liked so it was obvious that a full remote control machine was the way to go.


We design the Optitec Mover and accessories to last. Our continual quality control inspection is foremost and the high quality materials used are critical to our products long life.


At Optitec we take pride in our equipment and supporting our customers is key to the success of our business. We have every spare part and accessory available for every model and are always available to answer any query.

  …and why Optitec???

  • Avoid complex underbody and internal equipment.
  • Avoid hours of expensive installation costs often over $800.
  • Avoid having to buy expensive purpose built dual tyre jockey wheels.
  • Avoid losing valuable cupboard space for the wiring, circuit boards, antenna.
  • Avoid changes to your chassis and jacking points.
  • Avoid underbody drive systems susceptible to stone damage.
  • Retain your ground clearance under your RV.
  • No getting under your caravan to engage & disengage rollers to wheels.

  …so many reasons why!

  • Quick connection in less than 1 minute.
  • Easy removal in under 1minute, completely portable.
  • Can be transferred to another RV in just 2 minutes.
  • Retain your original jockey wheel for more convenience.
  • Can be used safely in many difficult situations.
  • Store your Optitec out of the weather for a longer life.
  • 3 year full Australia wide warranty for motor & transmission system.
  • Total supportive customer assistance.

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