Why our equipment is so good

We carry out comprehensive testing on all our Optitec products


The Optitec V3 is designed to manoeuvre the biggest Australian caravans and boat trailers. After analysing all other products on the market, there was nothing that we liked so it was obvious that a full remote control machine was the way to go.


We design the Optitec Mover and accessories to last. Our continual quality control inspection is foremost and the high quality materials used are critical to our products long life.


At Optitec we take pride in our equipment and supporting our customers is key to the success of our business. We have every spare part and accessory available for every model and are always available to answer any query.

  …and why Optitec???

  • Avoid complex underbody and internal equipment.
  • Avoid hours of expensive installation costs often over $800.
  • Avoid having to buy expensive purpose built dual tyre jockey wheels.
  • Avoid losing valuable cupboard space for the wiring, circuit boards, antenna.
  • Avoid changes to your chassis and jacking points.
  • Avoid underbody drive systems susceptible to stone damage.
  • Retain your ground clearance under your RV.
  • No getting under your caravan to engage & disengage rollers to wheels.

  …so many reasons why!

  • Quick connection in less than 1 minute.
  • Easy removal in under 1minute, completely portable.
  • Can be transferred to another RV in just 2 minutes.
  • Retain your original jockey wheel for more convenience.
  • Can be used safely in many difficult situations.
  • Store your Optitec out of the weather for a longer life.
  • 3 year full Australia wide warranty for motor & transmission system.
  • Total supportive customer assistance.

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Optitec V3, Accessories & Heavy Duty Clamps

Optitec V3 Remote Control Jockey Wheel (OW-4)

Latest model Optitec V3 includes:

  • *     Remote Control
  • *     Two Cables (1. Anderson to Anderson, 2. Anderson to Alligator Clamp)
  • *     Operator Manual
  • *     Warranty



Optitec Double Clamp Bracket – 150mm (OW-6)

Large heavy duty double clamp to suit 150mm chassis of caravans or trailers.

(Alternatively: use OW-15 for 50mm x 150mm chassis)

(Plus shipping charge)

Optitec Trolley Carry & Storage Bag (OW-3)

Thickly padded storage bag.

Ball bearing wheels.

Internal Pocket for Remote.

Fold down handle for easy transport.

(Plus Shipping Charge)

Optitec Double Clamp Bracket – 100mm (OW-7)

OW-7 Double Clamp Bracket fits a chassis drawbar of 50mm x 100mm.

(Alternatively: use OW-14 for 50mm x 100mm up to 130mm)

(Plus Shipping charge)

Optitec Compact Double Clamp Bracket – 150mm (OW-15)

OW-15 fits a chassis drawbar of 50mm x 150mm

(Plus Shipping charge)

Optitec Compact Double Clamp Bracket – 100mm to 130mm (OW-14)

OW-14 fits a chassis drawbar of between 50mm x 100mm up to 50mm x 130mm.

(Plus Shipping charge)

Optitec Double Clamp Bracket (OW-18) – ALKO Chassis

Optitec Euro OW-18 allows you to keep your existing jockey wheel.

(Plus Shipping Charge)

Optitec 3 Metre Extension Power Cable (OW-10)

Extension Cable 3 Metres

2 Anderson Plugs

(Plus shipping charge)

Optitec 12 Pin to Anderson Plug Adapter (OW-11)

12 Pin Socket, Connecting Cable,

Anderson Plug

(Plus Shipping Charge)

Optitec Double Clamp Bracket – 130mm (OW-8)

Large heavy duty double clamp to suit 130mm chassis of caravans or trailers.

(For more compact fit: use OW-14 for 50mm x 130mm chassis)

(Plus shipping charge)

Optitec Offset Double Clamp Bracket – (OW-19)

Large Heavy Duty double clamp offset bracket to suit 100mm or 150mm chassis

(Plus Shipping Charge)

Meet our team

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Gary Smith


Gary is a qualified Engineer and also holds an A Grade electrical licence. He has extensive operational experience and capability in a variety of technical asset management roles including program development, management and optimisation for entities ranging from government departments, through international airlines to major individual complexes. Gary also has a Commercial Pilots Licence.

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Hua Ren


Hua has a PhD in Biological and Medical Research and has extensive experience in Environmental science research totalling almost 30 years. Her roles have involved working in collaboration with other technical research personnel all around the world. More recently Hua has been coordinating development and manufacture of specialized equipment working with a number of businesses both in Australia and Asia.

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Caravan Industry Association

Members - VIC & NSW

Optitec Pty Ltd is a full financial member of the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria and the Caravan & Camping Industry Association of NSW. We are committed to following the industry best practices. We attend industry association events in VIC, NSW, SA, QLD & WA.

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What our Customers say

Read what our customers have to say about the Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel



We have a 22' van and I screw it around into very tight spot and couldn't live without it - my two mates bought one too after seeing how well mine works.




Just to let you know that you have made a really good product. My Optitec V3 has completely changed my ability to handle my camper van. It is an amazing piece of engineering.

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Hello again. Each time my husband moves the van I am compelled to congratulate you again on your product. He can actually reverse anything into any space, but by putting the van front first into our garage we are easily able to access the door. The other benefit is there is no yelling instructions as he takes it out of a tight space. Top product 👍👍

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