Optitec Wireless Remote Control

Jockey Wheel with Small Jump Starter

Optitec Wheel parks big Sunland Patriot Off-road Van

Optitec Wheel on Tradesman's Trailer

Optitec Wheel on Boat Trailer

Optitec Wheel on Horse Float

Easy Turning heavy Van

...even with flat tyres

Heavy Dual Clamp Bracket ...lets you keep your original jockey wheel too

Full kit ready to go!

Optitec on Black Series Camper Trailer

Optitec on Inclines

Traditional Clamp Mounting

...ok for under 1500 kgs

Optitec powered by Jump-start pack

on big boat trailer

.....No more pushing!

No Problem on Steep Drive ...also has Built-in Braking

Beautifully made - Heavy Duty

Wheel & Rubber Tyre

Tyre Design & Testing

for Hard & Soft Surfaces

Extensive Tyre Testing

Prototype No.#

Hand Held Wireless Remote Control Unit

Power supply cable is provided in kit...

Alligator Clamps to Anderson Plug

Optitec Comprehensive Operator's Manual

Simple Attachment to Double Clamp

Photo Gallery

That's our family - we started our caravanning in the early 1950's

Kids help Set up camp
First Caravan
Caravanning Family 1950's

Hardly any caravans about then - it used to draw a lot of attention

All wood built by grandfather (carpenter) & father - travelled Australia several times

Jayco Silverline easy turning and

reversing into very tight parking area

Jayco Expanda turning off road up driveway

New Optitec V3 model

Optitec pushing uphill on Wet Grass

...using boards. There's always a way!

Moving Bar Crusher Boat down very narrow driveway

Padded Wheeling Bag - accessory for those who take it with them

Jump  Starter Pack powers Optitec



Need to move on Slopes, Inclines...

Click Here

Optitec Compact Double Clamp

Dual Clamp Bracket Mounting

...best for over 1500 kgs