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Try our Revolutionary Electric Trailer Mover

Using an electric trailer mover is beneficial when you have to squeeze the trailer into small spaces. Attempting to park the trailer without a mover is difficult and requires incredible skill. Even with years of experience, there comes a point when you have to unhitch the trailer from your vehicle and physically push it into the available space. However, thanks to our powered trailer mover, you can confidently park a trailer or caravan in a tight spot. Optitec has been in the mechanical and electrical engineering field since the 1970’s and recently created the motorised trailer dolly after years of trying to perfect the invention.


Benefits of an Electric Trailer Jockey Wheel

Once you’ve decided to acquire a caravan to traverse the great outdoors of Australia, you aim to find remote places that people hardly get the opportunity to visit. A caravan allows you certain comforts while you’re on the road and is handy to have. However, parking it can be a nightmare, especially at home. Caravan owners are reluctant to hit the open road because of the work involved in parking the caravan safely at home. It’s a problem solved by attaching an electric jockey wheel to the drawbar.

  • One of the problems the trailer jockey wheel solves is safety. Attempting to move a caravan or boat trailer with parts sticking out is dangerous. If you don’t have external help while trying to park, there is the possibility of knocking over some of your possessions or damaging the caravan or boat on a trailer. Remote controlling the trailer allows you to get out your vehicle and inspect the situation completely to avoid any mistakes. Furthermore, our Optitec V3 has its dynamic braking system where the motor stops and holds it in place, so you never have to worry about the trailer getting away from you.
  • When you use an electric trailer dolly, it allows you to pull in your caravan or trailer into your property and protect it from would-be criminals. Parking it at odd angles or far into your driveway creates a problem for thieves. Instead of merely hitching your trailer to their vehicle and driving off, parking the trailer in tight spaces means they don’t have the time to slowly work your trailer out, increasing the protection of your investment.
  • A motorised trailer dolly grants you a degree of independence. You don’t have to rely on anybody when you need your trailer parked away in your garage. Since the Optitec V3 is entirely portable, you can use it to fit your caravan in a small space, especially at those caravan parks. It’s lightweight so you can take it with you on your travels.


What Sets Optitec Apart Regarding a Motorised Trailer Mover

It was our frustration with parking our caravan that led to the creation of this revolutionary machine. We had to have our caravan turn a total 90-degrees into our shed which caused us some problems. As a result, we built our prototype of the machine you see today, and other caravanners saw us use it and demanded one for their own trailers. After several adjustments and versions, we’re proud to offer the Optitec V3.

  • The size of our trailer dolly in Australia is what makes it desirable. It only weighs 22kg which means it’s not much to take on a trip, and any person can operate the mover. It only takes a minute to attach and the same to remove. In fact, after using it on a trailer, you can move and install it on another recreational vehicle in two-minutes.
  • We built the electric trailer mover with Australian caravans and boat trailers in mind. As a result, the mover fits onto a standard jockey wheel clamp but we do advise you to fit the double clamp bracket for vehicles over 1 500kg. It took us a few years to develop and test our prototypes and we decided that it was easier to operate with remote control. There is no other product available on the market that offers you seamless control over your trailer and caravan.
  • We intentionally designed the Optitec mover and the accessories to last a long time. The materials are of the highest possible quality, and we ensure that we maintain those standards with every mover we produce. Furthermore, every mover we sell holds a three-year warranty on the motor and transmission system in Australia.


What You Gain By Choosing Optitec

We have been in this industry for over 20 years and are now the leaders regarding trailer movers. We’ve sold more than 4 000 of these super machines and currently supply them across the globe with a specific distributor in the UK for our European customers and a dealer in Canada for North America. When you order from our online store, we’ll deliver your package for free anywhere in Australia.

Don’t struggle any longer with your trailers or caravans, contact us and eliminate the hassle of operating your recreational vehicle.