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Fit Into Tight Spots with an Electric Boat Trailer Mover

How much could an electric boat trailer mover do for you? Could it save you from countless headaches and wasted time? With the right choice, the answer is a resounding “yes”. Many times, manoeuvring boats on trailers is a daunting task even for the seasoned driver equipped with a capable, powerful vehicle. Fitting trailers into tight spots or around tricky corners may even prove to be impossible at times, leaving you with a dilemma over where to park the trailer. At Optitec, we experienced many of these problems while caravanning over the years, and it inspired us to create a motorised boat trailer dolly that ably solves the many issues we’ve encountered. If the ingenuity of our customers in using the Optitec V3 jockey wheel is any indication, we’ve succeeded! How could it transform your next outing?


Problems a Motorised Boat Trailer Mover from Optitec Addresses

First, consider the issues we designed our electric boat trailer dolly to address and solve. While it is not necessarily a guarantee that you’ll be able to complete every manoeuvre, our jockey wheel is more adept than you might expect at solving problems such as:

  • Moving a boat trailer closer to a potential parking space, or back away from a loading spot after you’ve placed the boat on the trailer.
  • Storing boats at home in tight spaces. When you need to get around right angles and tight corners, your car simply can’t do the job no matter how much you cut the wheel or reverse.
  • Moving trailers on surfaces besides bitumen or concrete without bogging down or causing delays.

Place your boat exactly where you need with a quick and simple swap of your trailer’s jockey wheel.


What Sets Optitec Apart Regarding Electric Caravan and Boat Movers?

Designed by a small team based on a passion for the product, the Optitec wheel has several unique characteristics that make it well suited for moving not only boat trailers, but also large caravans. What have we done to set this product apart on the market, and how will you benefit from buying one?

  • The Optitec Mover uses remote controls with a simpler design, so you can stand wherever is most convenient for you to spot the trailer as it moves.
  • Our product has the power to move up to 3500kg on solid surfaces — more than enough to capably move a fully laden boat trailer.
  • We’ve designed our product to be very efficient and resilient, with protection against overheating and overloading so you can always safely use the wheel.


What You Stand to Gain When You Choose Optitec

With an investment today, you can assure yourself years of convenient storage and retrieval for your trailer or caravan. In many cases, you can even outright replace your trailer’s stock jockey wheel with the Optitec Mover for maximum convenience. Cost-effective, simple to operate, and capable of giving you the ability to put trailers where no one expects them to fit, Optitec delivers these benefits and more. Learn more from our FAQ page and start shopping now, or