Get the Best Caravan Movers on the Market When You Come to Us


If you are planning to go on a caravan trip soon, you should come to us for the highest quality caravan movers. Getting your caravan into the perfect spot will never again be a problem, and it will take up a minimal amount of time. Choose Optitec and experience true caravan efficiency.


What You Should Know About Our Motorised Caravan Movers in Australia

 Here are some useful things we think you should know about our reliable caravan movers in Australia:

  • Our caravan movers require little maintenance. You will get many years of operation without having to worry about getting them to someone for service. We make our powered caravan movers to last so that you can always rely on it.
  • Our caravan movers are super simple to use and will make the process of getting your caravan into the perfect spot effortless. Once you have used our movers, you will never want to go back to shifting caravans by vehicle or by hand.
  •  Using our caravan movers means you get an entirely remote-controlled solution to your caravan moving problems. Whenever you are ready, you will merely have to hook up our caravan mover, press a few buttons, and start enjoying its ability to manoeuvre your caravan.
  • We consistently work towards improving all our products and learning from our clients. If you have any suggestions or problems with our products, we urge you to reach out to us and let us know. We currently pay close attention to the caravan industry trends to ensure that every product we put into the market is relevant and optimises your caravanning experience.


Whether you need caravan movers that require little maintenance, are super simple to use, completely remote-controlled, or a team that provides consistent innovation to make your experience better, we offer it. Make sure you choose Optitec and make your caravan trips hassle-proof.


Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Our Electric Caravan Mover in Australia

 To help you better understand our remote caravan movers and to provide clarity where necessary, we put together a few commonly asked questions we have received from our clients over the years:

  • Can I replace my existing Jockey wheel with the Optitec? In most cases, you can do this. Commonly there should not be any problems in this regard, but in some cases, we have found that caravans or trailers require a double clamp which we can supply.
  • Does the Optitec Jockey Wheel include a battery? No, it does not. We put much thought into this during the design and testing phases but ultimately found that including batteries only adds extra weight and expense, and can be discharged when you need them most.
  • Can I plug the Optitec into my caravan’s battery supply? We designed the Optitec to integrate with your caravan’s battery supply without any problems. Generally, the caravan’s plug lead will be able to connect directly into the Optitec’s side. This system allows for more convenient powering than using a battery.
  • Will I accidentally overload my Optitec Jockey Wheel? No, you will not. We designed the Optitec to include full over-current and over-temperature protection. If an overload does occur, the machine will lock its wheel and shut itself off as a safety measure. If the device does power itself off in this way, all you will have to do to restart it is pressing the ‘On’ button on the remote control.


If you ever have additional questions or feel that we did not quite answer a question fully, please reach out to us so we can provide you with the answers you need. Our team is available to assist you seven days a week and will always strive to provide complete clarity where possible. We can also help you choose the ideal products based on your current setup.


Why Choose Us When You Need Reliable Caravan Moving Devices

We provide more than 20 years of industry experience helping people get the most out of their caravan experiences. Whether they need reliable jockey wheel clamps or our world-famous Optitec caravan parking aid, we always provide efficient service. We have a dealer that can distribute in Europe while our Melbourne branch ships worldwide. We want you to have the best camping experience every time you take your caravan on the road because we love the experience just as much.

Getting the right team to assist you with your caravan requirements will make every camping trip that much more comfortable and provide you with the peace of mind you need to truly relax. Before you go on your next trip, give us a call and allow our professionals to optimise your caravan experience.